Thank you to everyone who came out to share their thoughts with us on March 5, 2019. Here are the questions asked during the town hall.

We are working to be more plant based. We are always available to help anyone find exactly what you they need - but please also share your vegetarian meal preferences if you are looking for something we don't already offer. We are continuously working on our menu mix to improve on variety.

Yes, we are currently working through our menu system to select more vegan options. We are also looking at reallocating some of our talented cooks to offer more made-to-order options.

We are working on getting a daily menu posted by the cash registers so that our guests can see what is being offered before choosing to enter. Also, our menus are being added online & to our Bite app. We have had some challenges with this since last minute menu changes may not be always be reflected this way. 

You always have the option to come in and browse the stations before deciding whether you want to swipe/pay to dine - just ask for a supervisor or manager. 

For students with severe dietary restrictions, we offer other options such as special meals or grocery pickups. Chef Gabe works with several students on these programs and he is always open to talking about special dietary needs.

The short answer is, we aren't. We aren't sure where the rumor originated, but there was never any talk of removing late night. We did change the menu to offer a rotating variety instead of only offering the the grill, so this might have caused some of the confusion.
Lily accepted employment with another company in a position that more closely aligned with her studies and future goals outside of food service. We miss having her here as part of the team but support her decision to more forward with her future career goals.
We are exploring the best options for how to communicate this to the community. We are currently thinking about adding a section to our website, our culinary council, and having Town Halls every semester.
On this campus, we work with numerous partners such as athletics, the CFO, the Dean of Students, Campus Housing, SIL, and the Mission of Ministry. On the day-to-day we work with Susan Collins in the Finance Department. We are always looking to grow our relationships with everyone at the college!

We ask that employees go through the proper channels, starting with their direct supervisor, director of the department, or general manager. If they feel their concerns are still not being met they are always welcome to contact me, Brenan the District Manager, or our 1-800 number which gets passed through upper management. 

We do our best to work within the local management team to resolve all issues.

If you feel that you have a dietary need that is being overlooked, please come talk to Chef Gabe. We are always willing to help the best we can. We do also have a local dietitian that is available to help.
We are working on new programs to offer dining options for those with dietary needs. Please let us know if you have a specific item or concern - we are more than happy to work with you!
We go through multiple health audits each year as well as an annual third party audit to make sure that our dish machines are food safe from harm. If you or someone you know is concerned about this, you may write your name on the box and wait for the box to come directly out of our sanitizing machine.
Students will have access to the green Choose to Reuse boxes for free again next week, March 11th - 15th. What we charge you for the green boxes is the cost we pay for each container.
Students were found to be putting a majority of the plates in the landfill bins instead of the compost bin. When not properly disposed of, paper plates take years to break down in landfills.
No, we do not plan on bringing back the paper plates. We want to see how the Choose to Reuse program is adopted first.
There is no current plan to police this. Our policy is that you should only take what you are going to eat, we do not want food going to waste.
Sodexo requires all Sodexo employees and managers to be ServSafe certified. We do not serve any food that is not safe. If you see something that you think is unsafe, please bring it to the attention of the management team immediately. If you do end up getting sick, please bring it to the attention of the management team as soon as possible so we are able to investigate.
Unfortunately, health regulations and county code does not allow that to happen because of the risk of cross contamination.
We would like to look at cups, soup containers and silverware. We want to roll out the program in stages so it is an easy adjustment for the campus community.
There is no such policy that says that you can not have two chicken breasts, for example. We try to minimize waste, therefore there is the ability to go in and out of the dining hall to refill your plate. We just ask that you be mindful of food waste and eat what you take.

There is a very major issue with food insecurities on all college campuses and current statistics also reflect this. This is not just a Sodexo issue, but an issue that the community as a whole should be concerned with. Feeding the hungry is a huge concern of Sodexo. On this campus, we work with the Food Recovery Network and The Gael Pantry. 

Meal plans are priced based on one student using the meal plan - it is a per person price. The pricing is based on the cost associated with each of these plans.

Using Sodexo's hiring practices, diversity training's and mission. Saint Mary's College California & Sodexo missions are closely aligned and we have to trust the hiring process that is in place. As a community, we are going to make sure that the person is a fit, but we also want to welcome them to the community.